Struggling with Wavlink Login?

Are you unable to log in to your Wavlink WiFi extender or router? Worry not! Read the information given on this page and learn how to log in to your device without facing problems. But, note that connecting your WiFi device to the correct network is an initial step to log in to a WiFi extender or router.

How To Connect To Wavlink WiFi Network?

To connect you mobile or laptop to the WiFi network of your extender:
  • Select Network & Internet Settings.
  • A list of the available WiFi networks will appear.
  • Select Wavlink network and enter WiFi password.
  • Click the Connect option.
Your device will get connected to the WiFi network. It means you are all set for the Wavlink WiFi extender or router login process.

Reasons – Why You Need to Do Wavlink Login

Connected your laptop or PC to the WiFi network? Well, you must know what the possibilities are after you log in to your extender or router. Know that logging in provides you the ability to set up and manage your networking device. Hence, you need to do Wavlink login to configure a WiFi router or an extender. It can be done using the default IP, or the web address, or ap.setup. In the next sections you will come to know the separate instructions to log in to the extender and router.

How to Do Wavlink Extender Login via Web Address?

Given below are the steps that you must follow to log in to your range extender via the default web address. However, before that, switch on your extender and ensure its stable connection with the router. This connection can be made with the help of a LAN cable.

  • Switch on your desktop and connect it to the extender using an Ethernet cable.
  • If your PC does not have an Ethernet port, connect it to the extender using WiFi.
  • Now, load an internet browser.
  • Into the address bar, type or ap.setup.
  • Press Enter.
  • The next screen appearing on your computer will be the Wavlink login portal.
  • Here, select the language for managing the extender.
  • Input the extender’s default password if not customized. Else, go with the new one.
How to Do Wavlink Extender Login?
Note: By default, the login password of your range extender is admin [in lowercase]. The password is case-sensitive. So, be careful while entering it.
  • Click Login.
  • You’re successfully logged in to your WiFi range extender.
Here, completes the Wavlink extender login process. Now, you can make changes to your extender by clicking the respective tab.

Facing Problems During Wavlink Router Login?

The steps to log in to the WiFi router are given below. FYI, logging in to the router will require connecting the computer to the router using an Ethernet or WiFi connection. So, do that first. After that,

  • Launch an internet browser, preferably Google Chrome on a laptop.
  • The browser should be updated.
  • Insert the default web address into the address field.
  • The router login window will appear.
  • Input the admin password of the router after selecting the language.

Note: If you have never changed the login password of the router, then use “admin”. Otherwise, use the changed one.

  • Select Login.
What is the Process of Wavlink Router Login?

You’re done!

The login process of a WiFi router gets completed here. You can now start doing the changes that you were thinking to make to your router and its network before logging in to it.

Steps to Do Wavlink Login via

You can also use the default IP address to log in to a Wavlink device. Therefore, in case the web address of the extender or router is not working for you, take the help of the steps given below to log in to the device via using its IP address:

  • Switch on your Wavlink device after inserting it into an available power outlet.
  • Now, using a LAN cable, connect your Wavlink to the host device.
  • The connection is supposed to be strong.
  • Switch on your PC and connect it to your home network using WiFi Manager.
  • Pull up an internet browser now.
  • Navigate to the address bar.
  • Enter
  • Press the Enter key.
  • The Wavlink login interface will appear.
  • Fill in the extender or router password after completing other requirements.
  • Click Login.
  • You will see the dashboard or the Status page of your device.

The appearance of the dashboard of the device is a sign that the Wavlink extender login or Wavlink router login process via the default IP address is completed. Changes can be made to your home network now.

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